Museum of Santa Croce

The city museum is housed in the fourteenth-century church of Santa Croce. The most important work, preserved inside an imposing altar machine, is the altarpiece of the Deposition  on the high altar, painted by Luca Signorelli in 1516. 

It is the only one of the many on-wood works by the Cortonese master to still be found on its original site. The same characteristic, somewhat unusual for a museum, also occurs for the paintings placed on the side altars. The collection is completed by other works from the nearby church of San Francesco, including a canvas by Niccolò Circignani known as Pomarancio, depicting the Madonna and Child in glory.

The museum also has an importan archaeological section: ceramic materials and bronzes from the protohistoric age to the Hellenistic and Roman period, which prove to a long-standing presence in the area.


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