Collection of art of St. Francis
Museum of the Olive -Tree Civilization

The San Francesco art collection is an unmissable stop on a visit to the village. Housed in the ancient Franciscan convent bearing the same name, it became a museum in 1996 and today includes: the Antiquarium, the Art gallery, the church of San Francesco and the Museum of the Olive-Tree civilization.

The Antiquarium is home to exhibits coming from excavations (stones, inscriptions, terracotta) mainly from Pietrarossa which used to be the ancient Roman municipality of Trebiae.
The Art Gallery houses works of extraordinary historical and artistic interest from the medieval and Renaissance periods:triptych and quadriptych with the stories of the life of Christ by Giovanni di Corraduccio, the coronation of the Virgin by Giovanni di Pietro, known as Spagna, a Madonna and Child from the early period of Pinturicchio and the large altarpiece with the Assumption of the Virgin and Saints by Alessandro Turchi known as Orbetto.

The church of San Francesco was erected on the site an older sacred building built in 1268 and dedicated to the Virgin. The apse walls are decorated with frescoes dating back from the first half of the fourteenth century and representing stories from the Virgin’s life. The iconostasis cross of the early fourteenth century and the monumental organ built by Paolo Pietro di Paolo di Montefalco are really remarkable and worth a visit. In 1500 this organ was defined as “a very rare and precious surviving example of what used to be called a wall organ during the Renaissance”.

Finally, Trevi could not miss a museum dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree and the production of oil. In fact, oil is not only a product of excellence in the Trevi area. Its cultivation is culturally rooted in the Umbrian territory, becoming part of the history and traditions of its people.


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