Museum Circuit of Amelia
Civic Archaeological Museum Edilberto Rosa and Art Gallery
Roman cisterns
Petrignani Palace

The Civic Archaeological Museum and the “Edilberto Rosa” Art Gallery are housed, together with the Historical Archive and the Municipal Library, in the premises of the former Boccarini College. The museum is home to the many findings and artefacts telling the history of Amelia from the pre-Roman period to the complete Romanization of the village, up to the early medieval period.

A particularly remarkable piece held in the Civic Archaeological Museum is the extraordinary bronze statue of the Roman general Nero Claudio Druso, known as Germanicus. More than two meters tall, it is armed and covered with a richly decorated armor. The Art Gallery houses works from local palaces and churches, datable between the XVI and XVII centuries, a particularly thriving period for the village. The work painted by Piermatteo d’Amelia, one of the great Umbrian masters of the Renaissance is worth the visit.

The Amelia Museum Circuit also includes the Roman Cistern (wonderful work of hydraulic engineering built in the I century AD to collect rainwater) and Palazzo Petrignani (an imposing late Renaissance building with its frescoes attributed to the Zuccari school).

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